Pay Together

Pay Together

1. Website and Applications

Pay Together

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2. Purpose

This application aims to build a system with client and server that can turn the tedious and fallible after-activity bill calculation into a quick and reliable auto-calculate procedure. Users can form a group and then upload into the server the detail information including how much he pays and whom he pays for immediately after the transaction is finished via phone or computer. The group members can check the history at any time and see how much they should transfer to others to keep everyone equally pay.

It is common that everyone pay an equal amount of money when two or more people go out and have some activities, which would produce different fees. This business is easy to deal with when there is a single total payment and a single person who makes the pay for others. However, the situation in reality is much complex. The bills for a trip of a 4- person team may look like this:

A pays for the dinner for all; B pays for traffic fees for all; C pays for the souvenirs which are only shared by C and D.
The problem becomes more difficult when it comes to three or more roommates who share daily cost for eating and playing in a much higher frequency.

Our product targets to solve this problem by just asking users to input how much they paid for others and giving a solution in a simplest way about who should pay another person how much money.

3. Funtions

  • Add a payment record:

This would include the information: who pays the money; who (all people or several persons) share this money and the amount.

  • Add a transfer:

This happens when a person transfers money to another person. Information including who receives the money and the amount will be recorded.

  • Check balance:

This can provide a simplest way about who should transfer how much to whom to make sure that everyone pays the amount he or she uses.

  • Other information:

Other functions like registering, forming a group and view the statistics.

4. What we use

We have two part int this project: Web server and phone application (both iOS and Android)

Web server is created in Nodejs with Express and other components. It can handle requests from both browsers and phone applications.
We use Amazon EC2 as our server.

Phone Application:
We use Phonegap to create platform-cross mobile applications. Framework7 provides lots of html elements for us to use when we build html for mobile application.

5. Quick View

  • Dashboard

  • Group Detail
    Group Detail

  • Pays

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